P.C.K Gamage
(NDT Chemical Eng.)

Mr. Pramila Charuk Kudagoda Gamage is a renowned Entrepreneur and an Investor. Pramila earned his Diploma from the University of Moratuwa in Chemical Engineering. Identifying the growth potential of the IT industry in Sri Lanka, Pramila invested in Cosmoforge Technologies teaming up with our Co-Founders. Pramila contributed to the success of Cosmoforge Technologies with his visionary leadership and was the major driving force behind the Cosmoforge team. 

With a wide span of knowledge in the fields of IT, Chemical Engineering, Water Treatment, Construction and Jewellery, Pramila is on the constant lookout for new opportunities arising in the world of business. Being also a Co-Founder and Director of Llily Water Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. Pramila currently also serves as a Director of Cosmoforge Technologies.